TECHNIMA is a group  with several entities in Europe:

  • TECHNIMA NORDIC: Reseller of aerosol marking paints and technical products in Scandinavian countries.
  • TECHNIMA CENTRAL: Manufacturer and reseller of aerosol marking paints in central Europe.
  • TECHNIMA BENELUX: Reseller of aerosol marking paints and technical products in the BENELUX area.
  • CIA-TECHNIMA SUD EUROPA: Manufacturer and reseller of industrial paints and aerosol graffiti paints in the meditarranean area.
  • SOPPEC: Manufacturer and reseller of aerosol marking paints
  • OLERONS STP: Paint manufacturer in Chanrente Maritime, France.

SOPPEC is the most important entity in the TECHNIMA group and accounts for most of its employees. To ensure the unity of the direction of those four economic entities, the following divisions are brought together in TECHNIMA Holding: General Management, Sales Management, Control Management and IT Department. 150 employees, 4 plants, 5 logistics platforms ... TECHNIMA has become over the years a leading player in the aerosol market.

Company Bleispitz GmbH is a medium-size company based in Oberhaching near Munich. Bleispitz specialized in the manufacturing and distribution of industrial marking and writing products. All over Europe, Bleispitz is one of the leading suppliers in this segment.

Bleispitz has experience with everything craftsmen and professionals need for reliable working. This is the basis for the development of their new products. Quality, short delivery times and optimum functionality are the foundation of or success for more than 15 years.

Techima Corporate video

Techima History

Founded in 1962 by Christian de Maillard, SOPPEC was initially a Charente-based company whose core business was to elaborate paints, wood maintenance products and varnishes for professional use.

On the eve of the 1990s, the company decided to focus on the design, manufacture and marketing of innovative marking systems in aerosols. Initially created for forestry marking professionals, SOPPEC was carried by its patented safety spray cap and the company soon became very famous and well known in the building and public works world.

SOPPEC is a brand you can trust

Every product manufactured by SOPPEC benefits from our total process control, from design to market launch. This traceability is what makes SOPPEC so trusted by professionals.


Our company is commited to:

  • To make enviromental protection, human health and responsibility for individuals the conditions of its survival.
  • To promote internally a genuine sustainable attitude, where social dialogue, awareness raising, staff training, and an organization to achieve this reign supreme.
  • To act as an ambassador for sustainable development for its customers, suppliers and partners.
  • To behave as a social responsible company by conducting policy of transparency, on-going improvement and listening.
  • To contribute to the search for development of ever-safer products.
  • To comply with and even anticipate the health, safety and enviroment regulations for an economicaly acceptable cost.
  • To make its ethical and law-abiding behavior the fundamental rule for its commercial initiatives.

A brand for the man and the enviroment!