SOPPEC manufactures and markets a wide range of aerosol paints for the construction and public works industry, specifically designed for all operations involving marking, identification and signage within the sector.

In addition to the flourescent and non-flourescent worksite marking paints, the SOPPEC's range also includes a number of accessories and complementary products: marking wands and guns, chalk lines and chalk powder, cold-lay asphalt, warning tapes and bitumen sprays.



Professionals working in the forestry and timber sector have no hesitation in choosing SOPPEC products, confident that they will meet their marking needs not only for all forest management work, but also throughout the harvesting, transport and processing operations. SOPPEC offers a wide and varied range of aerosol marking paints and associated products.


Industrial paints

In all industrial and agricultural sectors, it is important to be able to quickly and easily repair damaged paintwork whatever the type of equipment, machinery or plant concerned. Industrial paint aerosols are therefore essential, whether used to protect, finish or colour. SOPPEC Colors and PRO-Paint brands offers a wide range of products that meet the demanding needs of their European customers working in fields such as industrial manufacturing or the hire of agricultural machinery and construction plant.


Technical Products

All areas of manufacturing and the servicing and maintenance of agricultural and construction equipment, parts, gears, machinery and tools require the use of practical, high-performance products to clean, protect and lubricate. Technical aerosols provide a quick and effective solution.


Line marking

Whether used to structure space, delimit areas or optimise traffic flows, the fields where efficient and effective line marking is essential are both wide and varied. These can range from factories and warehouses where they are needed to ensura labour regulations are respected and improve safety by reducing transport risks, to marking-out sports grounds or private car parks. The range of marking solutions developed by SOPPEC aims to meet all these needs with its purpose-designed application accessories and aerosol spray paints.



Whether for sporting or other events, outdoors or inside, during the day or at night, aerosol paints offer the most effective and practical solution for marking-out and signagem to indicate hazardous areas and for many other situations that often require an urgent response.


Bleispitz Markers

In the production of Bleispitz marking products only selected materials are used to ensure the best possible quality and customer satisfaction. Many years of industry experience have influence in the production process and development of Bleispitz products.

In all areas of manufacturing and production stages, Bleispitz main focus is on our in-house quality assurance. Finished to the highest quality standards, Bleispitz marking products are tested and inspected before delivery.



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