The Technima Group manufactures and sells under its own label, Soppec Construction, a wide range of products designed for professionals working in the building and public works industry.

Soppec Construction has a strong reputation and offers a wide choice of uorescent and non-fluorescent aerosol paints purpose-designed for the marking out, identi cation or signage frequently required in the world of civil engineering and construction.

Other products and accessories have been added to complete the range and facilitate the smooth-running of both structural works and fix opperations.

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Considered a benchmark in the building and public works industry for over 15 years, SOPPEC worksite paint markers were the first to be with patented safety caps to guarantee awless reliability for users.

With seven different product ranges, SOPPEC is able to meet the needs of the building and public works industry and the diversity of marking applications encountered: short-term and temporary marking, uorescent, non- uorescent,
more environmentally-friendly (with a formula containing over 25% water).


Two purpose-designed safety caps are fitted to the construction and public works aerosol paint ranges:

The patented SOPPEC 1 “TP” cap, with a base made from recycled plastic, for aerosols used head down: FLUO TP®, PROMARKER®, S MARK, HYDRO TP and TEMPO.

A second special cap 2 for IDEAL SPRAY® (multi-directional use).

The formulations for all aerosols comply with our triple certifcation rules.

Products can be used even under very low temperatures, thanks to our high pressure cans and special propellant gas. 


  • Our products are designed without CMR compounds (carcinogenic, mutagenic and toxic...) to reproduction substances of class 1A, 1B & 2 above 0.1% 

  • Without Environmental Hazard statement n° 412 : “toxic to aquatic organisms long-term damage to the ecosystem” 

  • Our labels are in compliance with EU regulation n°1272/2008 and with its adaptation 

  • Without Hexane, Methanol, Toluene, Xylen 
  • Without heavy metals such as Lead (PB), Cadmium (Cd), ...